Injury Prevention

Preventative Therapy

The most significant risk factor for future injury is previous injury.

Researchers have been looking for better ways to predict which individuals are most at risk for future injury. Until recently, the only factor that was predictive of future injury was previous injury. Basic flexibility and range of motion measures have not been found to be highly predictive. Strength, on its own, has not been found to be highly predictive.

A number of new assessment tools have recently shown promise in their ability to predict injury risk in groups of individuals. Instead of focusing on isolated range of motion, flexibility, cardiovascular, or strength measures, the new tools focus on movement quality and movement symmetry.

In addition to helping with risk assessment, Evolution Physiotherapy uses these tools to provide valuable information that can be used to design appropriate, individualized injury prevention and performance exercise programs.

Another important factor in injury prevention is fostering an environment of open communication among various professionals who influence activity. This includes sport specific coaches (hockey, baseball, swimming, golf), fitness professionals, and medical professionals (including physicians, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc).

If you are a coach/instructor, fitness professional, or health professional who works with one of our clients, we welcome your input, opinions, comments, concerns, and questions. Please feel free to contact us.