With the current public health recommendations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation. For many people life has essentially been put on hold. The ministry of health has asked the public to practice social distancing and that non-essential business and services close their doors. As health care providers we at Evolution Physiotherapy feel it is in the public’s best interest to do our part in helping to flatten the curve of the virus transmission by limiting our face to face client contact. We do not however feel that your health goals are non-essential nor should they be put on hold and for that reason we are working to find solutions that will allow you to continue your health and rehab goals in this current situation.

We are fortunate to live in a digital age where communication is available to us on many platforms. Physiotherapists have been using video conferencing to provide physiotherapy services to clients/patients who either cannot make it into a clinic or who simply find it more convenient. As many of you have already experienced with in person sessions we spend a great deal of time talking with you to understand your pain and or your therapy goals. These discussions are paramount to our diagnosis and treatment plans. A great physio and one of the founders of hands on manual therapy, James Cyriax MD, said “If you listen to a patient they will tell you what’s wrong and if you listen to a patient long enough they will tell you how to fix it.” Telehealth allows us the opportunity to listen and provides you a platform to be heard. The use of video allows us as therapists to be able to access your movement quality and performance providing us more information to match what you are telling us and allowing us to assist you in your goals and recovery.

Exercise and education are the cornerstones of physiotherapy treatment, it is where our profession started and it is still what the research supports as best practice. There is no reason why you cannot continue to improve on your current condition while in the confines of your home. We can guide you through rehabilitative exercises that are appropriate and tailored to your situation. Having access to video in your home is actually a great benefit as we can see you perform the exercises with the equipment you have available to ensure it works for you. Based on your symptoms we can modify or progress your rehab program. We can instruct you on pain relief and how to self treat. We can still answer your questions and help you reach your goals.

The current state of affairs in our city is a necessity to protect the vulnerable and allow our healthcare system to best manage this COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t let the fact that our physical doors are currently closed be the reason you push off your rehab or live with your pain. Open the digital doors and let’s use this time to continue your path forward.