Unique Features

Unique Features

Our clinic features a number of unique features which improve our clients experiences and results.

Private Treatment Rooms or Open Treatment Area

You have the option of having your treatment provided in a private room (not behind a curtain) or in an open area.

Unique Exercises Sheets (Parameters, Detailed Pictures and Instructions etc.)

Our unique exercise sheets and exercise selection methods allow us to select the appropriate exercises and teach you how to perform them, as quickly as possible.  Our exercise sheets include detailed, digital photographs, specific instructions, and individualized parameter guidelines (sets, reps, hold times, etc) to assist you in doing the right thing, not the wrong thing.  We coach the exercise so you can perform it independently.  It’s one example of how we help you help yourself.

Extensive, Premium Exercise Equipment

Our rehabilitation gym contains extensive, top of the line exercise equipment.  This provides extensive options to help restore your function.  If you are not comfortable in our gym, we have many less complicated options as well, so you can do all your exercises at home, with minimal equipment.

Specific Outcome Measures, Including for Injury Prevention

We use a wide variety of specific outcome measures to determine if we’re helping you achieve your goals.

Special Lighting Considerations for Concussion Clients

There are no fluorescent lights in our clinic.  All of our lights are LED lights with consistent color temperature (3500K), except for the adjustable color spectrum lights.

We installed special, adjustable color spectrum lights in three of our private treatment rooms.  We can control the amount of light and the color of the light (thousands of color options) to suit each of our light sensitive clients.

Community Health and Wellness

We are always interested in trying to promote health and wellness in our community.  We are passionate about injury prevention, especially in youth sports.  Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with us.