COVID-19 In-Clinic Appointments

Our new COVID-19 policies and procedures for in-clinic appointments

As a valued client of Evolution Physiotherapy, we want to take the proper precautions to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure to you and to our staff. As a result, we have added a number of new policies and procedures to follow directions provided by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH), the Ontario Ministry of Health’s guidance for the health sector, and the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. We will continue to offer video (teleheath/virtual) appointments as an alternative to in-clinic appointments.

For Clients

  1. Mandatory COVID-19 Screening
    1. You will receive an email 2 hours before your scheduled appointment (check your junk/spam folder if you don’t see it in your regular inbox). It will take 30 seconds to complete the screening questions.
    2. If you answer YES to any of the questions, please contact the clinic immediately.
    3. Your physiotherapist may confirm/discuss your answers in more detail before your appointment begins.
  2. A face mask is required to enter the clinic
    1. Put on your mask before you enter the clinic. If you do not have a face mask you will be asked to purchase one for $2.
  3. Enter the clinic no more than 1-2 minutes before your scheduled appointment time
    1. This will give you time walk in and visit our hand hygiene station.
    2. Please only enter through the front/main clinic door (the first one you see after coming up the stairs or getting off the elevator).
  4. Use our first hand hygiene station. Your physiotherapist will meet you at the hand hygiene station (where the waiting area used to be).
  5. If there is someone at the hand hygiene station, please maintain appropriate social distancing, and wait for them to move on from the hand hygiene station.
  6. Unfortunately, our gym area is only available during your scheduled appointment time when accompanied by your physiotherapist.
  7. All clients should bring all their belongings with them into the treatment area (jacket, umbrella, etc.). When possible, please arrive dressed appropriately for your appointment. If you need to change clothing (put on shorts, etc.), this will use up some of your scheduled treatment time.
  8. After your appointment is finished, utilize the second hand hygiene station before you leave out the back door of the clinic.
  9. Follow the corridor to the right to return to the elevator and stairs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For your Physiotherapists

  1. COVID-19 Screening for all staff:
    1. All staff entering the clinic on a particular day must complete a Mandatory COVID-19 Screening Survey before they arrive at the clinic. If they answer yes to any of the screening questions, they will not provide any in-clinic physiotherapy services that day. The questions in the survey are the questions listed on the latest Ontario Ministry of Health COVID-19 Patient Screening Guidance Document.
  2. Cleaning/Disinfecting Procedures, Hand Hygiene, Personal Protective Equipment:
    1. All rooms will be cleaned and disinfected between appointments. The specific disinfectant we are using is BioTEXT (DIN number is 02209640). This product is approved by Health Canada to be used against Covid-19. Source.
    2. If you require any pillows during your appointment, all pillows have a vinyl cover over the pillow. All pillow cases are changed after every appointment, and the vinyl cover is sprayed and cleaned with BioTEXT.
    3. All physiotherapists will sanitize their hands prior to and after each appointment.
    4. All physiotherapists working in the clinic will be required to wear a procedure/surgical mask.
    5. Your physiotherapist may also wear gloves during your appointment. Depending on the proximity of the treatment involved, they may also wear a face shield. If they perform a treatment that could include contact between a client and the physiotherapists clothing, they will either use an intermediate barrier (clean towel or pillow case), or, if clothing contact is required for the treatment, they will change their clothing prior to their next client appointment.

The following video, titled ‘Evolution Physiotherapy COVID-19 Re-Opening’ was filmed a few days ago, to highlight the steps above, and show you the physical set up of the building and clinic: