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The selection of your physiotherapist, or any provider of health and/or rehabilitation services is not a decision that should be made lightly. The information within this section of the website is supplied in an effort to help those seeking the services of a health care professional to help eliminate their pain and restore their function.

At Evolution Physiotherapy, we see clients ranging in age from 5 to 95 years old.  Some of our clients are active, and some are not.  While we do see clients who are professional (NHL, MLB, CFL, etc) or elite amateur (Olympians, OHL, Golf Canada, etc) athletes, most of our clients are people who just want to improve their quality of life.

Your rehabilitation treatment program should always be tailored to your individual problem/condition, your goals, and your response to treatment.  If you are not comfortable with your current treatment plan, please discuss it with your physiotherapist.

Why Physiotherapy

The following video was produced for the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, and features 3 Registered Physiotherapists who practice at Evolution Physiotherapy.


Every physiotherapist practices in a unique way. Their clinical skills are influenced by their education, experience, and their problem solving ability. Every physiotherapist will also have a unique combination of interpersonal skills, values, beliefs, and biases.


We listen to our clients, regarding their current problem(s), previous injuries, health status, preferences, expectations, and previous treatment history and utilize BEST PRACTICES. Best practices are treatment recommendations that evolve based on ongoing key expert experience, judgment, perspective and continued research.