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Researchers are always looking to create new knowledge.  However, one of the largest problems in healthcare is the slow process it takes to translate this ‘new’ knowledge.  There is some evidence to suggest that It takes 17 years for a new innovation to become common in medical care.  Best evidence can improve patient/client care…but it should happen faster.  We need to become aware of the knowledge and evidence we already have.  We need to translate this knowledge to others in clinical practice.

One of the goals of this website is to help improve knowledge translation (KT) and collaboration amongst health care professionals who work with clients/patients who have pain and/or musculoskeletal (orthopaedic) conditions.

We have created some clinical resources.  These include:

New guidelines for treating anterior knee pain (patella-femoral pain syndrome):  EVO Anterior Knee Pain

A reference list of chronic pain articles that helped us develop our pain education treatment (for further information, look under our Treatment/Education section): EVO Chronic Pain References

An introduction to the concept of Tissue Homeostasis:  EVO Tissue Homeostasis

An explanation of the Regional Interdependence model:  EVO Regional Interdependence