Who We Are

Our Physiotherapy Team

Clinical expertise includes the clinician’s cumulative experience, education, and clinical skills. Combined, our team of physiotherapists have over 140 years of clinical experience.  Clinical experience does not have any value unless the clinicians’ knowledge and clinical skills evolve over the course of their career. Our curiosity and interest in problem solving (finding solutions to problems) have motivated us to take hundreds of continuing education courses, read hundreds of textbooks and thousands of research articles.  We share our expertise with one another.

As leaders in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, we incorporate the latest research, equipment, assessment and treatment techniques into our services. We create and promote educational resources for our clients and people in our community.  Our staff have taught post-graduate physiotherapy continuing education courses to hundreds of Registered Physiotherapists in the Ottawa region.  These factors have allowed us to help thousands of clients and build a strong reputation.