How We Do It

How We Do It

Excellent clinicians have a passion for helping our clients.  We are humble, empathetic, and positive.  We reflect on what has been successful, and what has not.  Our job satisfaction is tied to helping our clients solve their problems (usually pain and loss of function). Our clients are unique individuals who require unique treatment solutions. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are important to strengthen our partnership with our clients.  This is reflected in our approach with our clients: educating, empowering, and facilitating independence (through self-management strategies and exercises), not dependence.

Our combined clinical expertise and partnership approach allows us to help clients improve as quickly as possible. One example is our understanding of two key principles in rehabilitation:  regional interdependence and tissue homeostasis.  See the learn section for further information on regional interdependence and tissue homeostasis.


We have great news! Evolution Physiotherapy is re-opening our clinic location on June 1st. Everything’s in place to ensure your safety & deliver the care you expect from us. We’ve had great feedback from our Video Appointments (Virtual/Telehealth appointments) and we will continue to offer this service as an alternative to in-clinic appointments. Click here for more info on video appointments. 

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